Mitosis DIGITAL Activity

As the climate of education continues to evolve, so does the need for new and innovative resources to teach your students. My latest resources is a DIGITAL Mitosis Activity that is designed to work for teachers teaching remotely or those who are teaching face to face in a classroom with 1:1 devices.

If you aren’t aware, I LOVE Google Slides. You can do so much with them and they’ve become one of my go to teaching tools for this tech world we are living surviving in. I needed a way to check my student’s understanding paperlessly as our school has asked we limit the amount of papers we are exchanging with students (thanks Covid). So, I created a digital version of my cut and paste activity that I usually use during my Mitosis unit and I LOVE IT. Not only is it paperless, but I can easily formatively assess my students from a distance and check their understanding. For me that’s a win.

If you are needing an easy paperless activity to use during your Mitosis unit, then this just might be it!

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