Digital Breakout Templates

What if I told you there was an easier way to make a digital breakout? You know, a way that doesn’t require you spending an hour formatting and adjusting each section so that it works right.

What if you could just plug in your questions and answers, and be done? Freeing you up to move on to the other million and one things on your to do list. As a busy teacher myself, I know the value of our time. That’s why I created templates to use in my own classroom that I am now putting out there for the rest of the teacher world to enjoy.

You CAN create engaging resources for your students AND have time for other things too!

In this video I walk you through a preview of how these templates work and what your students will experience when you create a digital breakout using one of my templates.

Stop making your life more complicated, and let me take this one off of your plate. You can find all of my digital breakout templates here.

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