Teaching Mechanisms of Evolution Using Your Hand

If I am being honest, teaching mechanisms of evolution used to be my least favorite topic to cover. It seemed that no matter how I explained it, my students just couldn't remember the five mechanisms of evolution, let alone recall that they are natural selection, gene flow, mutation, non-random mating, and genetic drift. Year after … Continue reading Teaching Mechanisms of Evolution Using Your Hand

Mitosis DIGITAL Activity

https://videopress.com/v/VGAw1oif?autoPlay=true&loop=true&preloadContent=metadata As the climate of education continues to evolve, so does the need for new and innovative resources to teach your students. My latest resources is a DIGITAL Mitosis Activity that is designed to work for teachers teaching remotely or those who are teaching face to face in a classroom with 1:1 devices. If you … Continue reading Mitosis DIGITAL Activity